Friday, December 18, 2009

SpaceSniffer - 1.17MB

SpaceSniffer is an application that gives you an idea of how folders and files are structured on your disks. By using a Treemap visualization layout, you have immediate perception of where big folders and files are situated on your devices.
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Intuitive structure layout, multiple views for different media
  • Zoomable elements, navigate like web browser
  • Smart cached scanning engine, multiple views, single scan
  • You can navigate the structure even during the scan
  • You can refine a structure zoomed area by a secondary scan process, even with main scan executing
  • The folders and file popup menu is accessible by right mouse click
  • It´s possible to restrict the view content by typing simple yet powerful filtering criteria
  • Different views of the same media can show differently filtered elements
  • Reacts to the file system events, keeps always in synch, warns you by blinking elements
  • Customizable in geometry, colors, behaviors
What's New in version
  • Added font size configuration for graphic pane.
  • Added file attributes filtering.
  • Added support for browser keys (back, forward, home).
  • Optional flashing window at end of scan.
  • Scanning progress now it's reported on window title.
  • Added log console.
  • Enhanced Unicode support.
  • Optimized smart cache, now 50% faster (average).
  • Enhanced filter syntax (backward compatible).
  • Enhanced file tooltip behavior.
  • Added warning in case of bad filter.
  • Added warn on status bar for ADS scan if active.
  • Modified the Distribution Disclaimer.
  • Fixed scanning of very long path names and OS compressed files.
  • Fixed an issue on ADS filter.
  • Fixed some incorrect window overlapping issues.
  • Fixed CTRL+UP behavior (not working if filter field not focused).
  • Fixed minor graphics glitches. 
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