Thursday, December 3, 2009

Menu Creator 0.7.3 - 2.80MB

Menu Creator (VB Add-in) and Menu Extended (ActiveX) expand you creativity to create an advanced ´dream´ menu!
  • 5 menu styles:

    • Office 97-2000
    • Button 3D
    • Office XP
    • Office 2003
    • New 3D
  • custom separator
  • gradient selection bar
For EACH ITEM you can add:
  • image
  • description
  • custom color
For EACH POPUP menu:
  • image background
  • side-bar with:

    • text + image
    • aligned/rotated text
    • gradient colors
Note that all menu styles are customizable! The final touch is give by the Menu Designer (MenuExtended)! While you run your program, you can open the Menu Designer where you can set ALL properties easy, simply with click. WARNING! You don´t need to write code!!!!! Nothing!!!! With Menu Creator, Menu Extended & Menu Designer you can transform your application and give, to end user, programs with a fantastic look!
Finally, if you want, you can provide the Menu Designer to your end users. Therefore they can customize the menu as they want.
  • Menu Creator is provided with 2 languages (english and italian) and Whats´is Help
  • Menu Designer is provide with 12 languages
  • Compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • Menu Creator, Menu Extended & Menu Designer is provide with complete HTML Help file
  • Flash format tutorial is available for Menu Creator at the developer´s web site 
Click here for download


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